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The Work Life Balance Myth

Saturday, November 9, 2019 @ 10am

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David McNeff, CEO
Peak Consulting Group
The Work Life Balance Myth

Allow me to introduce Dave McNeff this morning.  Some of you may know Dave already but here is a brief review of his activities, since not many of us really know what he does all day…

Turns out, Dave does a number of things in his professional life, all of which have something to do with working with people and their interesting behaviors most days of the week.

His primary focus is  spending  a great deal of time with Corporate clients and their key executives and their management teams – across a wide number of sectors including Pharma, BioScience, Private Equity, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology etc .  Most of this work involves focusing on executive talent development with teams looking to improve performances in growth environments. 

In addition, he spends time in Conflict Resolution work – primarily in the M&A and International corporate space. The focus here is  getting executive teams to get along when they don’t want to after a significant organizational change,  which is  always a challenging exercise for everyone involved.

Finally, he does Trial Consulting in the Federal Courts, primarily for Patent Litigations in the Pharmaceutical sector.  This involves profiling Juries, profiling Judges and Judge Panels and coaching Expert Witnesses for trial.  Though, it might sound tedious, it has been said “… you can’t pay for that kind of entertainment…!”

Dave has known GSN through his introduction to us by Peter Blacklow, lo those many years ago,  and he has a historical perspective that we think will be helpful as we meet here today.

Working in a Family Owned Business

Saturday, November 2, 2019 @ 10am

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Guest: Lindsay Skilling 
Gifford’s Ice Cream

Lindsay and her husband live in Gray, Maine with their two children; Ava (6 years old) and Jacoby (3 ½ years old).  Lindsay is currently the CEO of Gifford’s Dairy, Inc. in Skowhegan, Maine.  Lindsay grew up around the family business and spent her summers working in the office throughout high school and college.   Lindsay started working fulltime after college graduation in 2006. She started as the assistant to the controller and worked a variety of positions for the family businesses which also included VP of Sales and Marketing.

Lindsay graduated from Bryant University in 2006 with a BS in Businesses Management and minor in Psychology.  Upon graduation she joined the family business. 

Lindsay has served on the Institute for Family Owned Business Board (IFOB) for the last 9 years.  She is currently the Vice Chair of the board. Through this board she has been a part of the Women in Family Business Forum, CEO Central as well as actively involved with the Next Generation Affinity Group.  Lindsay currently serves on the Educate Maine Board of Directors.  She recently became a Corporator for Skowhegan Savings Bank.  Lindsay also served on the Skowhegan Chamber of Commerce Board.  Lindsay has and continues to gain insight and leadership experience through serving on these boards.

In Lindsay’s spare time she likes spending time with her family, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, biking, hiking and running. 

Consuming Government

Saturday, October 26, 2019 @ 10am

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Steven Borne

Consuming Government
Flywheels, Ideas, and Individual Actions to Better Manage the Government Services You Buy

For most Americans, their largest annual purchase is government services. Yet we are irresponsible consumers!

If we chose to invest comparable time and effort, we could reap better value at less cost year after year. Furthermore, the United States could enjoy a global economic competitive advantage once our actions led to the most cost effective and efficient government among developed nations.

The keystone of this transformation rests with individual citizens and not elected officials or political parties. Our challenge is to motivate ourselves to initiate a cultural shift toward greater civic responsibility. The secret sauce is to start locally on the smallest levels of government services, then, as our management skills, tools and habits grow, expand upwards to broader layers of government services. Solutions can be driven upwards through communities versus the current stagnation from our oscillating political party control.

The multitude of ideas introduced in this book can serve as a catalyst to align interests, talents and passions of our citizens for this civic culture transformation. The book’s “Flywheel” ideas may come to fruition as described, or evolve in other ways once more and more citizens contribute. What’s most important is that we all choose to actively better manage government services to ensure ever-increasing value at lower costs.

What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Wage & Hour Audits

Saturday, October 19, 2019 @10am

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Guest Host:

Tawny Alvarez

Tawny is a partner in Verrill’s labor and employment practice group. She believes that a company’s culture defines its business and prides herself on assisting clients comply with the law, while simultaneously creating an amazing place to work.

Tawny centers her practice on the understanding that the employment landscape is ever-changing and that many organizations do not have the time or resources to keep abreast of all of these changes—from medical (and recreational) marijuana’s effect on drug testing, to the effect of social networking in the workplace and mobile devices’ effect on wage and hour issues. In this evolving landscape, she recognizes that for companies to remain profitable and successful they must be proactive, as opposed to reactive, to these employment issues.


Paul Carellis, PHR
VP of HR Services

As a seasoned player in payroll and HR industry, Paul leads a team of dedicated human resources professionals. Since 2013, Paul has developed a team that provides expert guidance on employment issues, employee management practices, and training and coaching on management and compliance topics.