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Ankit Mahadevia – Quiet Leader, Loud Results!

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Show Topic:
In an increasingly complex and chaotic world where leaders are in short supply, people of all personality types are needed to lead.

  Rather than asking aspiring quiet leaders to “fake it” or pretend to be something they aren’t, the new book Quiet Leader, Loud Results provides real-world tested advice, and strategies on navigating the difficulties of having a quieter personality.

  In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with author, Ankit Mahadevia, a quiet leader, founder, and CEO of nine biotechnology companies the triumphs and pitfalls of his own journey alongside other quiet leaders

About The Guest:

Ankit Mahadevia is the founder and CEO of Spero Therapeutics, an organization committed to fighting the threat of infectious disease through the development of novel medicines. Over his career, he has led the formation of nine companies, including Spero, several of which are trading on the Nasdaq exchange, and several others acquired by large pharmaceutical organizations.

  Through these companies, he has raised over $1 billion for the development of novel therapeutics and built multiple high-performing management teams. He and the companies he built have won multiple awards for their culture, including Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” Award and Glassdoor’s “Top 50 CEOs of 2021” (#15 nationwide). Prior to these roles, Ankit advised on and supported investments in the biotechnology sector as a Venture Partner at Atlas Venture, a Cambridge, MA venture capital firm.

  He held previous positions at organizations including Genentech, McKinsey & Company, the United States Government Accountability Office, and the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. He has spoken widely on entrepreneurship and leadership, including at Harvard University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, MIT, and the Berkeley Forum. Ankit received his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA from Northwestern University.

  He lives in Chestnut Hill, MA with his wife and two sons.

Douglas P. Currier – Managing Difficult Employees

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Show Topic:
On the next HR Power Hour, workplaces are comprised of a variety of people with a diverse array of personalities and skills.

While the spectrum of personalities can be vast, most employees conduct themselves in a professional manner, they understand the expectations that their position holds, and they respect authority, their fellow employees, and the company.

But what happens when an employee’s attitude and actions change? As a leader, do you and your teammates have the tools and resources to manage difficult employees with the goal of finding a solution that allows all parties to overcome the issues at hand and move towards a positive and productive work environment.

At the same time, are your team members aware of the legal pitfalls that could await if there is a misstep?

For answers to these questions and a lively discussion about managing difficult employees, join co-host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Labor and Employment Attorney Doug Currier about managing the practical and legal risks that difficult employees can bring to the workplace.

About The Guest:

Douglas P. Currier is a Partner at Verrill. Since he began practicing law more than 30 years ago with Verrill, Doug has earned high regard in the region for his litigation skills and proactive counsel to management on employment issues such as discrimination suits and traditional labor law issues like collective bargaining agreements, union grievances, and elections.

  As a member of the Verrill’s Employment & Labor Group, Doug represents companies in diverse industries such as health care, higher education, manufacturing, professional services, banking and finance, and agriculture. In the employment arena, Doug works with clients to develop workplace strategies that achieve objectives and navigate an intelligent path through complex personnel issues while maintaining compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), and other relevant laws.

He advises on issues ranging from drug testing, whistleblowers, and workplace investigations to compensation and exit strategies, succession planning, and class actions. Doug is also litigation counsel for businesses facing legal challenges arising from traditional labor issues such as union campaigns, labor arbitrations, wrongful discharge, OSHA citations, and discrimination claims.

Mark Gonska – Show me the Money

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Show Topic:
“There is a strategic approach to salary negotiation -it starts by understanding the employer’s point of view.

Despite stories of amazing signing bonuses and generous pay increases, most of us haven’t been wowed by our own compensation.

HRPH brings you Executive Coach Mark Gonska with a 4-Step Approach to Salary Negotiation… it works

Learn 5 tips of Salary Negotiation that may be hiding in plain sight.

About The Guest:

Mark Gonska is a Senior Career and Executive Coach for CMA and has assisted thousands of individuals in career acceleration. Mark is the career accelerator who loves to demystify “what do I really want to do next?” and “how do I get a better job faster?” His unmatched relationships with clients and candidates are built on candor and commitment to address problems head-on and solve them. He’s action-oriented in all roles: teacher, mentor, and coach.

Mark’s personal trainer approach to coaching: “You can have excuses or results, not both.” He is living proof you can create a great new chapter after a job loss.

  Passionate about strategic coaching, he has helped clients advance, obtain new positions, and explore other career or entrepreneurial options. Mark is recognized as a master coach on leadership development. He has substantial experience with group projects— plant closings and job relocation initiatives throughout the United States.

Mark brings a significant network of contacts from business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. His background includes international marketing and product management positions in a Fortune 200 corporation, and participation in the successful start-up, and development of a technology-based company. He holds a BA in communications from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) and has completed additional human resources study at Baldwin-Wallace College (Ohio).

Mark has been a member of the Board of Trustees for the local Society for Human Resource Management. In addition to being a nationally certified professional resume writer, he contributed to the book The Five O’Clock Club Guide to Building a Great Resume. He has presented hundreds of webinars, podcasts, television, and public addresses.

Jen Serei – Developing New Managers 101

Download the Show Audio Here

Show Topic:

Managers are often promoted into the role because they are operationally skilled.

However, this often sets up first-time managers for failure. Unfortunately, they frequently lack the management skills necessary for success. In this episode of HR Power Hour, join host Tawny Alvarez as she talks with Jen Serei, SHRM-CP, HR Partner at MP.

They’ll discuss useful tips and best practices for first-time managers, as well as helpful reminders for more seasoned managers.

In this show, Tawny and Jen will:

  • Identify different management styles;
  • Outline common mistakes new managers make;
  • Share ways to limit the adverse effects of common managerial mistakes; and
  • Cover challenges managers encounter, such as delegating and managing former peers.

About The Guest:

Jen is an HR Partner at MP, where she provides strategic HR consultation, compliance guidance, and training to clients in a wide range of industries. Before joining MP, she spent a decade in the non-profit sector holding various HR positions. Jen received her BA from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is a SHRM-certified HR Professional.