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Katie Jones – Succession Success Lessons and StrategicHR Events

Download the Show Audio Here

Show Topic:

Discover the unique story of Succession Success Lessons, where a charismatic legacy leader hands over the reins to a behind-the-scenes introvert-turned-CEO and why it worked. Explore the fascinating world of business succession with host CMA’s David Ciullo and the insightful Katie Jones, CEO of The Nimble Group, LLC, in this engaging episode.

Join us for a relaxed conversation as Katie shares the practical strategy, hard work, and mentorship crucial for a successful organizational transition. Plus, catch a glimpse of what’s in store for the 2024 Maine HR Convention and Strategic HR Convention. It’s an intriguing journey you won’t want to miss!

About The Guest:

Katie Jones, CEO of Strategic HR U.S., is a seasoned leader with a transformative journey at the company since joining in 2016. From Faculty Manager to Chief Operating Officer and now CEO and Owner, Katie’s diverse roles showcase her adaptability and commitment to curating quality educational events for HR professionals in Maine and New England.

During the pandemic, she successfully transitioned the company’s two annual conferences to engaging virtual events, demonstrating her strategic vision for the organization. Now, she has led the return to in-person experiences, reinforcing her dedication to quality events for HR professionals.

Katie’s expertise in product management, design, and event production, coupled with her passion for leadership development, sets her apart. A proud graduate of West Virginia University, she holds a BS in Journalism & Advertising and a minor in Communications.

Beyond her CEO role, Katie mentors for organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute, exemplifying her commitment to positive change. As a visionary leader, Katie continues to elevate Strategic HR U.S. operations, setting new standards in the industry.

Colette Phillips – How to Lead Inclusively

Download the Show Audio Here

Show Topic:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are three distinct concepts. While many leaders focus on the diversity aspect of DEI, without an inclusive culture an organization will never achieve true diversity or equity.

How to lead with an emphasis on inclusivity is a trait that many leaders struggle to implement. In this episode of HR Power Hour, join host Tawny Alvarez as she speaks to Colette Phillips, President and CEO of Colette Phillips Communications, Founder and President of Get Konnected! and author of The Includers: The 7 Traits of Culturally Savvy, Anti-Racist Leaders as they discuss how to lead with a focus on inclusivity.

As Colette will discuss, the more culturally intelligent the leader, the more effectively leaders can function and create a more inclusive environment for employees.

About The Guest:

Colette Phillips is President and CEO of Colette Phillips Communications and Founder and President of Get Konnected! and The GK Fund. She is a strategic advisor for C-level executives and corporate teams and develops public relations branding and internal/external communications strategies.

She is frequently consulted by corporations and nonprofits on how to establish healthy, inclusive working environments and engage and serve culturally diverse consumers. An active civic leader and board member, she’s listed on Boston Business Journal’s Power 50 List.

Her new book is The Includers: The 7 Traits of Culturally Savvy, Anti-Racist Leaders. Learn more at or connect with her at:

Carlos Alvarenga – The Rules of Persuasion (Replay)

Download the Show Audio Here

Show Topic:
Have you ever wondered what makes someone convincing or why some messages persuade when others do not? Have you ever struggled with how to create a persuasive message story, or presentation? Do you want to understand how persuasion can be used to corrupt or to achieve dangerous ends?

In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with Carlos Alvarenga, Author of the new book , The Rules of Persuasion; How the World’s Greatest Communicators Convince, Inspire, Lead – and, Sometimes, Deceive exactly how persuasion works in all forms of human communication. Learn a clear and effective model you can use to put the elements and chemistry of persuasion to work for you in your personal and professional lives.

About The Guest:

Carlos A. Alvarenga is an independent researcher, author, coach, and the founder of PersuasionLab. In addition, he is Co-Director, Narrative and Storytelling, of the Museum Experience Lab, Fowler Museum at UCLA.

Before writing and coaching full-time, he worked as a management consultant and adjunct professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

Prior to his current role, he was the Executive Director of World 50 Labs, the member-innovation team at World 50, Inc. Before World 50, he was a Principal in Ernst & Young’s Advisory Practice and, earlier, a Managing Director at Accenture.

Carlos is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in rhetoric and persuasion at the University of Maryland. He holds a B.A. in Humanities and Classical Greek from Hampden-Sydney College and completed the Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics at the University of Pennsylvania.

He resides in Bethesda, MD, with his wife, a physician/researcher at the National Institutes of Health, and is the father of two sons.

Jeremy Vesta – Addressing the Hidden Costs of Insurance (Replay)

Download the Show Audio Here

Show Topic:
Recent studies show that 31% of US healthcare costs can be directly attributed to “behaviorally influenced chronic conditions,” while 69% of costs are influenced by consumer behaviors.

  These statistics hold true for your workforce. The employees who walk through your door each day are managing more than just the workload; they have families, lives outside of work, and health conditions.

  Is there a way, however, that employers can commit to helping their employees understand their health conditions, embrace different treatment options and change their behaviors to positively influence chronic health conditions? The answer is yes; but it takes work.

  The good news, however, is that hard work has significant returns on not just your employees’ health, but also their commitment to your organization. In this episode of HR Power Hour, join Tawny Alvarez of Verrill as she speaks to Curally’s Chief Financial Officer, Jeremy Vesta, concerning addressing the hidden costs of insurance.

  In this episode Tawny and Jeremy will discuss the current issues employers are faced with concerning employees with chronic health conditions, the work that Curally has undertaken to provide employers with a path to respond to these challenges, and the positive long-term effects this strategy has on both employees and employers.

About The Guest:

Jeremy Vesta is Chief Financial Officer of Curally where he uses his expertise as an economist and his extensive business leadership background to empower companies to optimize their investment in their most valuable resource—their employees—through innovative strategies.

  Additionally, Jeremy is the Managing Director of Vesta Holdings, a company with diverse interests in the fresh beef industry. Among its ventures, Vesta Holdings is involved in beef manufacturing through Harmony Beef, a company established and run by Jeremy and his family.

  Before joining Vesta, he gained experience as a commodities trader at Bunge. One of Jeremy’s core beliefs is that to address the challenge of rising insurance costs, businesses must adopt new approaches that go beyond the surface-level factors like plan design, benefit providers, and coverage provided. Instead, the focus should be on identifying and resolving the underlying factors driving these costs. By doing so, business owners, benefit administrators, and HR leaders can effectively mitigate the impact of escalating insurance expenses.