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Melanie Pump

Saturday, November 20, 2021 @ 10am

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Show Topic:

Unfortunately, many corporate environments are toxic and magnify feelings of insecurity.

In today’s episode of the HR Power hour, your host CMA’s David Ciullo discussed with author and CFO Melanie Pump her book, Detox, Managing Insecurity in the Workplace.

Melanie discusses her personal experience with toxic work environments, bullying bosses and negativity. Listen as we discuss what leaders need to know about the causes and impacts of a toxic work environment and the changes needed to make it better.

About The Guest:

Melanie Pump is an accomplished CFO and business leader. She is also the author of Detox: Managing Insecurity in the Workplace.

In the book, she shares her learnings and experiences on the impacts of toxic work environments. Melanie has appeared on CTV, FOX, ABC, and Sirius XM.

Her website,, includes more helpful insight on how businesses and employees can reach their full potential.


Mary Axelsen – CARE Change Framework – Replay

Saturday, November 13, 2021 @ 10am

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Mary Axelsen

Show Topic:

On this episode of HR Power Hour, join host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to WeMaax Consulting Founder & CEO Mary Axelsen about CARE Change Framework and the work that WeMaax Consulting does in the Change Leadership arena.

From coaching circles to one-on-one leadership development programs on this episode we will discuss how organizations and leaders can bring their leadership team to the next level and how WeMaax helps leaders overcome many of the self-created impediments to change.

About The Guest:

Mary Axelsen is the Founder & CEO of WeMaax Consulting and a former global HR Executive with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.

She comes with 20 years of experience consulting with and coaching global leaders and employees in all areas of HR. She has partnered with leaders to implement transformative change in a wide range of industries and functions across the globe to include:

•Fortune 500, public, private, nonprofit organizations; industries include Biotechnology, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare•Functions: IT, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Benefits, Operations, R&D.

She holds certifications in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion from Bentley University, Change Styles Indicator from MHS Assessments, 360 assessments from TeamTelligent, and Essential Facilitation from Interaction Associates. Her areas of specialty are organizational design, organizational and culture change, talent strategies, diversity, equity, and inclusion (emphasis on gender equity), and coaching. She is also an Olympia Leader Advisor with Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute and sits on the Governance Board for The Dempsey Center. She enjoys golfing, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.


Elizabeth Johnston and Emily Waddell – Acing Accommodations

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Elizabeth Johnston

Show Topic:Emily Waddell

State and Federal law provide provisions in which an employer must make an accommodation for employees in certain specific situations.  Understanding what those situations are, appropriately responding to the requests, and being mindful that the accommodation that the company is providing is not gutting the job duties and responsibilities of the position are all areas where companies sometimes make choices that increase their liability under accommodation laws.
In this episode of HR Power Hour, join co-host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Verrill Labor and Employment Attorneys Elizabeth Johnston and Emily Waddell about not just understanding accommodation obligations, but also how to respond to requests to limit future liability.  That’s on the next HR Power Hour.

About The Guests:

Liz Johnston: A regular contributor to Verrill’s Taking Care of HR Business blog, Liz handles a variety of employment matters including working with businesses of all sizes to ensure that their policies are in compliance with the latest legal updates and are working effectively for the organization in practice. Liz also advocates for clients facing claims before state and federal courts, the Maine Human Rights Commission, and the Maine Workers’ Compensation Board.

Emily Waddell: Emily provides tailored legal solutions to support her client’s human capital and organizational objectives. As a member of Verrill’s Employment & Labor Group, Emily uses her legal and business background to understand and solve complex employer and employee issues in the workplace. With her on-the-ground experience in labor arbitration, mediation, collective bargaining negotiations, and contract administration, Emily understands the importance of reliable legal support in high-pressure situations.

April Paradis – Investing in Women

Saturday, October 30, 2021 @ 10am


Download the Show Audio Here

Show Topic:

On this week’s episode of HR Power Hour. It’s easy to say that your work environment is inclusive, but what does it take to attract and retain female leaders?

Join Tawny as she speaks to April Paradis, HR Specialist at Bank of America about the work that Bank of America is doing to invest in women.

April will discuss the work that Bank of America does in focusing on retention and development while simultaneously understanding that an employee’s needs do not end when they walk out the door.

In understanding the importance in investing in female customers, through their work with the Cornell Women’s Institute, to the programs available for employees, hear how Bank of America engages female employees through their child care and elder care reimbursement programs, tuition assistance programs, and parental leave programs.

That’s on the next HR Power Hour.

About The Guest:

April is a Site Human Resources Manager for operations in ME, MA, and NY.

In her role, she is responsible for mitigating site-level risk, supporting workforce transformations, enhancing frontline leader effectiveness, sustaining site integration/diversity, deploying enterprise initiatives, and streamlining current HR practices.

In addition, April is the human resources manager for the Maine Market supporting the market president and the market leadership team. April joined Bank of America in 1999 as a representative in Consumer Card and transitioned into a business support role in 2000.

Since that time, she has held various leadership positions within Learning & Leadership Development and Consumer Card Operations. In these roles, she was responsible for managing diverse functions including employee engagement, leadership development, change management, risk mitigation, and compensation and staffing.

She’s been in her current role since 2014. April is a graduate of Thomas College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. April is co-chair of the LEAD for Women chapter in Maine.

In addition, she is an active supporter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine.