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Tim Hebert – The Intentional Leader

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Show Topic:

We have an overabundance of ‘leaders’ in our world today. But those who truly stand out are the ones who lead in a way that inspires employees to rally behind the organizational cause.
In this episode, host David Ciullo discussed with author Tim Hebert his book The Intentional Leader, practical advice that provide an essential guide to cultivating an authentic, effective, and sustainable approach to leadership.

About The Guest:

Tim Hebert loves a good climb.
He appreciates the multiple points of perspective it provides, be it looking up, down or sideways. He delights in the lack of equilibrium caused by the weight of a backpack and incline juxtaposed with the freeness that comes in inching closer to the summit. He celebrates the unique obstacles it throws without warning—from harsh conditions to treacherous terrain. But, more importantly, he recognizes the leadership lessons derived along the way.
To Tim, every business hurdle and personal challenge mimics a climb, presenting both accomplishment and steep, seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Those challenges, Tim believes, are really just masquerading as untapped opportunities—the chance to do something different and better.
A perennial entrepreneur, innovator and adventurer, Tim sees the opportunity to affect change everywhere and is passionate about helping others do the same. A voracious author and seasoned speaker, he enjoys exploring concepts related to intentional leadership, business transformation and professional and personal introspection. A business owner for well over two decades—and the current CEO of Trilix, a business and technology consulting firm—he believes leaders can and need to do better. He believes effective leaders need to embrace the climb.