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Mark Jones – An Optimistic Way to Live, Lead, and Succeed.

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Show Topic:
“Money…. Maybe…but it’s really the least important thing in my life” says Mark Jones who has experienced the loss of everything financially but stayed positive over 38 years and grew in life’s R.I.C.H.E.$.

In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses, with Mark Jones, President of Saco Biddeford Savings Institution, An Optimistic Way to Live, Lead, and Succeed. Learn the importance of understanding what “your” value is and how to continuously work to expand and enhance it.

Learn how to have a drive to achieve, while at the same time, a drive and passion to care about people. Jones will bring it all together with Our Reason for Being, the new Mission and Vision of SBSI.

About The Guest:

Mark strives to live life fully engaged, treating each day and each relationship as the gifts that they are. His philosophy is one of doing all the good that he can in all the ways that he can for as long as he can by becoming wiser, stronger, and better each day as he learns, practices, and shares.

Mark’s career started at Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution 38 years ago with no title and a salary that supported the lack of a title. Over the years, Mark’s philosophy changed from the mindset that success is something that you pursue to a mindset that success is not that at all but rather something that you attract by becoming a more attractive person.

Once Mark embraced that, the titles on his business cards progressively changed from one to the next. Mark states he does carry that first business card with no title in his Wallet to remind him that he is still of no title other than the level of service that he provides to his family, friends, company and community members. Outside of banking, Mark competed for years at the pro-am level of the United States Cycling Federation, managed and played on a men’s travel softball team sponsored by Nike, Labatt Blue, Sunday River Ski Resort, etc, and played in large tournaments around the country.

With a body beat up from years of physical abuse on the race circuit and ball fields, He turned to hiking and kayaking and is now an avid landscape photographer hiking up mountainsides or paddling to distant islands in the dark of the night in all seasons to capture beautiful scenes of sunrises or the stars illuminating the otherwise dark skies. With the help of some of the best landscape and wildlife photographers in New England, he helped create a non-profit called Shutterbugs 4 Charity, where they create beautiful large framed canvas prints for home and office along with cards and calendars with all proceeds above production costs going to charitable organizations.

This year they approach $500,000 raised for charity since the inception of Shutterbugs.