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Fernanda Anzek – Quiet Cutting and DEI

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Show Topic:
While employers may not be performing reductions of force with the same frequency as earlier in the year, we are seeing heightened restructuring across markets and industries.

As a company would analyze the race, gender, and age of individuals affected by a RIF, a similar analysis should be performed when re-structuring. Without this analysis, employers are likely to see adverse effects to DEI goals and/or increased litigation.

In this episode of HR Power Hour, join host Tawny Alvarez as she speaks with Fernanda Anzek, Managing Director, HR Operations for Insperity about “Quiet Cutting” and the effect it has on DEI programs.

Moving skilled team members from a position that they applied for—to a position that may be less than ideal—is a good way to lose valuable talent and to decrease an employee’s sense of inclusion in the organization and it’s culture.

Tawny and Fernanda will discuss the current state of DEI policies following the United State’s Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action in education, quiet cutting—what it is and how it adversely affects DEI—and ways in which companies can mindfully re-organize without adversely affecting their DEI goals.

About The Guest:

Fernanda Anzek joined Insperity in 2013 as manager of HR services and currently serves as the managing director of HR operations where she leads teams that support small businesses with human resources and diversity, equity, and inclusion services.

She has 25-plus years of business leadership experience with businesses of all sizes. In that time, she’s become adept in customer service, succession planning, recruiting, employee relations, mediation, training and development, building great cultures, and performance management.

Anzek is passionate about taking care of her team and helping other businesses succeed by taking care of their biggest asset, their people. She holds a B.A. in psychology with a business minor from Texas A&M University.