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Lori Wallace – Mindful Interviewing

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Show Topic:

While so often we focus on the questions we cannot ask applicants during the job interview process, it’s time to flip the script and focus in on the questions we should be asking as well as how many common interview practices have damaging effects on applicants and their ability to successfully present themselves in interviews.

When looking at the process from the seat of the applicant, companies can better understand how to implement practices which will result in the right people being hired for the right position. In this episode of HR Power Hour, join co-host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Lori Wallace, the founder of Career Ecology and a Social Innovator working to liberate heart-mindfulness within the challenging and often traumatizing job hunt as they discuss mindful interviewing and tips for Companies to identify the right people to meet human capital potential. Learn more about Career Ecology here:

About The Guest:

Lori Wallace is the Founder and CEO of Career Ecology – a hub spot for Work-Life Empowerment. She’s mentored job seekers for over twenty years as the owner of her own search agency where she matched prominent hospital systems like Cedars Sinai, Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Health to skilled and passionate professionals ranging from CEO to Lab Assistant.

But, Lori brings much more than meets the eye. She calls herself a “Work-Life Doula”. Out of the angst of 2016, Lori founded Career Ecology in order to, as she puts it, “help every human shed the old, awaken the imaginal, and fly free.” Lori has a degree in Psychology from UCLA and certifications from the Nurtured Heart Institute and with Mary Reynold’s Thompson’s Wild Soul facilitation. She brings a “practical + poetic” approach to work-life across all critical touch points, including job search, resume, interviewing, as well as the touch point to self.

Lori views the realm of “work” as the ideal entry point for radical initiation and healing in the world. It’s the modern-day “hero’s journey.”