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John Robertson – Leadership Tools in Crisis

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Show Topic:
While companies would prefer to operate “crisis free,” such a goal is usually unobtainable.

The crisis could be small—a difficult employee who takes up significant time and energy and appears uncoachable—or a larger crisis—supply chain issues, recalls, active shooter situations.

The question, however, that should be asked is whether managers in the organization have the skills and resources to decrease crises before they occur (in addition to respond fully and efficiently when they do occur).

In this episode of HR Power Hour join host Tawny Alvarez while she discusses these issues and the tools that we can provide to managers to help them be more effective in crisis with John Robertson, workforce wellness expert and culture alignment specialist of FORTLOGServices, Inc.

About The Guest:

John Robertson is the Founder and President of FORTLOG Services. John built his services with a focus on an encouragement-based approach, resolving root causes as opposed to treating crisis and transition in the workplace symptomatically, as is often the practice.

A trusted thinking partner with 30+ years of assisting individuals and organizations manage all forms of crisis/change, John leverages a values-anchored ethos as a leadership development specialist, helping organizations and individuals to define the new norm and thrive. Over the years, John has gained extensive and diverse experiences working with Indigenous peoples [First Nations], first responders, small-medium businesses, non-profits, churches, communities, municipalities, educational, health care, families, and EAPs.

John’s qualifications include Conversational IQ™, psychological health and safety advisor, ICF coach, Resilient Leadership, crisis intervention instructor, numerous psychometric tools, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist (CTTS), Certified grief counsellor, and a Masters and Bachelors degrees