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Mark Gonska

Saturday, October 23, 2021 @ 10am

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Show Topic:

Have trouble retaining great talent? Dealing with employees walking out the door after the first week? Struggling with your leadership not truly understanding why employees are leaving?

In this episode of the HR Power Hour, join host CMA’s David Ciullo discuss with Mark Gonska, Executive Vice President of Dise & Company, Key Strategies for Retaining Talent that include the “4 R’s” in onboarding, how to deal with the actual employers and leaders’ brand in the marketplace, and focusing on what the employers really need to do to succeed in keeping talent.

About The Guest:

Mark Gonska is Executive Vice President at Dise & Company. He helps employers avoid the second most costly mistake they can ever make: retaining employees they should release.
Also known as America’s Career Coach, Mark has assisted over 8,000 people moving forward in their careers. He also works with groups on plant closings and job relocation projects nationally and globally.