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The Science of Getting to YES … Without Negotiating! – Replay

Saturday, May 24, 2014 @ 10am

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Matt RixxMatt Rixx

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The Science of Getting to Yes.. Without Negotiating –

Matt Rixx is Americas leading authority on the science of subliminal triggers of influence and the psychology of humor combined with the art of persuasive presentation techniques.

He is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, executive-level leadership consultant, and a widely respected expert and trainer in the use of subliminal influence triggers, nostalgic-based marketing, and emotional-based messaging methods. Matt helps organizations build compelling corporate and organizational stories while creating motivational sales teams and influential executive leaders using his unique process called The MATTRIXX Method. As he simply states: Persuasion is not about getting people to take an action … it’s about getting people to believe the action you want them to take is their own idea! Matt’s credentials make him without equal.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science and post-graduate research in microbiology and biochemistry, as well as an MBA in Technology Management. His professional background includes 22 years spanning international strategic communications, sales-force training, and corporate leadership development … not to mention over 9 years as a professional entertainer and stand-up comedian. His client list includes Fortune 500 corporate executives, top sales and marketing personnel, media personalities, doctors, lawyers, select political figures, non-profit and philanthropic foundations, and even Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageant contestants. As he is fond of saying, The real tragedy is when people don’t have the training to speak well or the intelligence to remain silent.™

Matt’s audiences laugh and learn while becoming active participants within his presentations and workshops. His eye-opening, life changing messages are filled with humor, emotion, motivational stories, and extraordinary personal content. Matt is an experienced platform personality with over 2500 professional & live-stage worldwide presentations, and he is in constant demand as the “Professor of Persuasion” and the Master of Emotional Messaging.

In summary, Matt Rixx is a phenomenal speaker and entertaining platform personality who combines the science of subliminal influence with humor and the art of persuasive presentation techniques. His concepts are compelling, amazing, and undeniable … as is his tag-line: It’s Not What You Know or What You Say That Counts … It’s What People REMEMBER You Said and How You Made Them FEEL!