BreakTogether grew from my passion for improving the way many of us are working today.

Too many people are working in sedentary environments, tethered to their desks or phones, and caught up in unhealthy patterns of connectivity. This negatively impacts our work and is terrible for our health. It also adds significant cost to your business in unplanned absences, employee turn-over, and insurance.

We teach your employees to use simple tools to take better care of themselves and your customers. The design is based on more than a century of scientific evidence.

In 2 minutes, we teach your employees how to unplug and lower stress between tasks. With 5 minutes, we help your teams lead more effective meetings in-person or virtually; and in just 10 minutes you can create stronger team interactions.

My goal is to improve your business outcomes and employee happiness.

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To learn from others improving the way we work, listen to The Art of The Break.

Not only do we need these breaks, we are starving for more human connections in our lives. Taking short breaks together reduces individual stress and improves team collaboration.

~ Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

Companies with the happiest employees perform 20% better than their competitors. Let us help you be a better place to work!