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Diversity and Inclusion

Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Our Guest:

Eric Peterson

Manager of Diversity & Inclusion

Society for Human Resource Management  (SHRM)


Why Diversity & Inclusion Makes an Organization –

As Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, Eric works directly with SHRM’s VP of Diversity & Inclusion to position SHRM as a leader in the diversity management and inclusion field.

He acts as a thought leader, champion, and project lead in the design and implementation of innovative diversity strategies. Additionally, Eric works with SHRM Staff to effectively respond to member inquiries regarding the SHRM Diversity Initiative; manage selected partnerships and alliances established by SHRM; and represent SHRM in interactions with external diversity-related organizations.

Eric believes that diversity (in all its forms) and inclusion are vital for today’s organizations, driven by a strong business case and an equally compelling values case, which support rather than contradict each other. Furthermore, the work requires collaboration, strong support from courageous leaders, a solid foundation in education, and follow-through in systemic functions, including rewards, consequences, and accountability for all involved.