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Dave Coffaro – Leading from Zero

Saturday, July 31, 2021 @ 10am

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Show Topic:

Leaders must influence their organizations and earn relevance with customers, employees, and all stakeholders every day.

The new strategic dynamic environment where competition for valuable resources is intense, disruption is an expected condition, stakeholders always want more, and innovation is expected.

Listen to Dave Coffaro, author of the book Leading from Zero: Seven Essential Elements of Earning Relevance and host CMA’s David Ciullo discuss how to succeed in this new strategic paradigm.

About The Guest:

Dave Coffaro, is a strategic advisor, executive coach, keynote speaker, and author. His expertise is guiding organizations in defining, designing, and deploying business models to deliver their vision. He has a strong reputation for developing executives in the practice of strategic leadership for the benefit of organizations and their stakeholders.

Dave served in for-profit and nonprofit leadership positions, including Interim Chief Executive Officer of Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, Executive Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer, and Head of Trust&Fiduciary Services at Wells Fargo and Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy for International Trade Finance at Bank of America.

Dave’s strategy consulting work began in graduate school, working with a team to develop a turnaround plan for an unprofitable airline. Following graduate school, engagements focused on financial services firms, franchisors, and privately held businesses, developing actionable, practical, strategic pathways to greater success. Today, Dave serves as Principal of Strategic Advisory Consulting Group, and, as co-founder of Atticus, a fintech firm providing easy to use, do-it-yourself tools for fiduciary-based activities.

Dave’s broad financial services experience includes leadership positions in commercial banking and wealth management. He is committed to enhancing strategic leadership acumen and professional competency in organizations. In the banking industry, Davefurthered, on this mission as Founding Chair of the UC Berkeley Extension Wealth  Management Program, served on the American Bankers Association Professional  Development Council and through the Trust Management Association.

He taught strategic management and business policy at California State University, Fullerton. Dave’s community involvement includes serving as Board Chair of Second Harvest Foodbank of Orange County and as an executive coach with Executive Coaches of Orange County.