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Values Driven Organizations

Saturday, December 14, 2013 @ 10am

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Phil ClothierPhil Clother,

Barrett Values Centre

Phil is the CEO of Barrett Values Centre, an international organization currently working through a consulting network in over 75 countries.

He works with leaders to bring about ethical, sustainable transformation. Phil’s core values are Trust, Humour/Fun Love. He specializes in the study of love, values and consciousness within business and society. The core products of the organization are the Cultural Transformation Tools.

These tools have been used in over 5000 organizations  to support leaders in understanding the people and the culture and to create new conversations that have a positive impact on employee fulfilment, customer satisfaction and overall organizational success and sustainability. Phil has worked with corporations, governments and NGOs around the world and has been an advisor on National Values Assessments in over 20 countries.

In Latvia and Iceland the results of the values assessments have been instrumental in reorienting public policies. In 2012 Phil lead a team in conjunction with the UK Government to measure the values and culture of the nation and its local communities. This on-going work is focused on citizen well-being and community development and values based policy making. Phil is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Ruth LundRuth Lund
Director of Organizational Development

Legacy Supply Chain Services

What is a values driven organization?

Ruth manages the company’s Cultural and Leadership Development initiatives. With a team of Cultural Transformation Leaders and a Manager of Leadership Development, LEGACY Supply Chain Services intentionally develops culture and leaders that are authentically reflecting the company’s core values.

Ruth and  her team play a critical role in acclimating new leaders and teams to LEGACY SCS values-driven culture. Ruth administers the Cultural Assessments and Leadership Values Assessments for organizational and individual measurements, manages curriculum design and delivery for leadership development, implements coaching and mentoring programs, manages the succession planning process, and facilitates all communication with LEGACY SCS Operational Leadership Team. Prior to this position, Ruth was a Cultural Transformation Leader at LEGACY Supply Chain Services responsible for developing values-based leadership teams and culture within the organization.

This included assessments, data analysis, development of action, and on-going team development based on the action plans. Ruth has over 15 years of teaching and leadership development experience in the non-profit ministry sector as Teaching Director and Area Director of Community Bible Study.  She received  her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Maine and is a member of the American Society of Training and Development.