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The Work Life Balance Myth

Saturday, November 9, 2019 @ 10am

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David McNeff, CEO
Peak Consulting Group
The Work Life Balance Myth

Allow me to introduce Dave McNeff this morning.  Some of you may know Dave already but here is a brief review of his activities, since not many of us really know what he does all day…

Turns out, Dave does a number of things in his professional life, all of which have something to do with working with people and their interesting behaviors most days of the week.

His primary focus is  spending  a great deal of time with Corporate clients and their key executives and their management teams – across a wide number of sectors including Pharma, BioScience, Private Equity, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology etc .  Most of this work involves focusing on executive talent development with teams looking to improve performances in growth environments. 

In addition, he spends time in Conflict Resolution work – primarily in the M&A and International corporate space. The focus here is  getting executive teams to get along when they don’t want to after a significant organizational change,  which is  always a challenging exercise for everyone involved.

Finally, he does Trial Consulting in the Federal Courts, primarily for Patent Litigations in the Pharmaceutical sector.  This involves profiling Juries, profiling Judges and Judge Panels and coaching Expert Witnesses for trial.  Though, it might sound tedious, it has been said “… you can’t pay for that kind of entertainment…!”

Dave has known GSN through his introduction to us by Peter Blacklow, lo those many years ago,  and he has a historical perspective that we think will be helpful as we meet here today.