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Phil Strazzulla – How Technology is Revolutionizing HR


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Show Topic:
HR Technology is a necessity for all organizations. Recruiting, video interviews, mental health, AI, HRIS systems, DE&I implementation, performance management, employee engagement or just the basics of payroll and benefit management are just a few of the solutions you can purchase in the marketplace today.

But how do you determine and get unbiased guidance on selecting what is the best solution for you? On today’s episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with Phil Strazzulla, Founder of Select Software reviews, How Technology is Revolutionizing HR.

We discuss trends, tips and a solution on how to find, test and select the best vendors for your HR tech needs.

About The Guest:

Phil Strazzulla is the founder of select software Reviews, a website dedicated to helping HR teams to find and buy the right software for their organizations.SSR offers in-depth, free content and a vibrant community of HR experts to companies all around the world who need help selecting everything from their next ATS to People Analytics.

Phil started his career in venture capital atBessemerVenture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School. He’s a self-taught programmer, struggling golfer, and overall business nerd.