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Not Happy – Get in Line

Saturday, August 8, 2015 @10am

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Our Guest:

Donna Dwyer Donna Dwyer
Executive Director
My Place Teen Center

The 500 Club

You’re Not Happy? Get in Line –

Donna is the president and CEO of My Place Teen Center, located in Westbrook, ME. My Place Teen Center is a year round, free, out-of-school time program (five hours/day) for youth, ages 10-18. Serving all youth, but specializing in youth most at risk including disabled, homeless, food insecure, cognitively-delayed, low-income, immigrant, and refugee teens, MPTC offers a multi-purpose, academically enriching, life-skills enhancing, hunger relieving, youth development program that has been the focal point of greater Portland’s teen activities since its inception in 1998.

Specifically, Donna has recognized success with entrepreneurial pursuits, social responsibility endeavors, and marketing/public relations. She has more than fifteen years of not-for-profit and for-profit executive leadership experience, giving presentations to a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders, a history of managing budgets, working on short and long term strategic initiatives, and developing business plans and grant writing. A life-long Mainer, Donna is passionate about Maine the people, the geography, and its diverse lifestyle.