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New Cost Saving Medical Tools

Saturday, September 14, 2013

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NeilKNeil Kutzen,


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Neil has spent 30 years in all phases of HR. He trained staff at Motorola in the early stages of 6 Sigma. He rolled out quality improvement training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital soon after the 3 hospitals merged. He has a BA and MA in Psychology. As a benefits consultant, he has seen that helping employers move to less costly plans is like moving deck chairs on the Titanic. The way the consumer can help with spiraling healthcare costs is by becoming a smarter shopper. Providing powerful transparency tools is key to that goal.


HankcHank Christiansen,
VP/Eastern Regional Director

Consult A Doctor

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Consult A Doctor+ allows employees, members and their families to have 24/7 access to a network of 6,000 doctors by phone (land or mobile), computers, pads, and video. Our doctors access the members Electronic Medical Record and two years of prescriptive drug history; records of consultations are sent to the members Primary Care Physician. Many predict that most all in the US will have access to telemedicine within the next 5 years. Hank is a trained family therapist who for the past 20 years has worked with employers nationally to design behavioral health programs and benefit designs for employees.

He’s worked in the EAP industry for two companies, The Wellness Corporation, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, headquartered in Massachusetts and ESI, in Upstate New York. For several years he worked for Segal Sibson, a national benefits, compensation and retirement consulting firm , as a behavioral health consultant. Hank has been with Consult A Doctor+ for one year, he works with benefit brokers and consultants, unions, associations and other groups to promote and expand the use of telemedicine. He resides in Massachusetts.