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Jacques Santucci – Cannabis HR

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Show Topic:

There are currently about 430,000 jobs in the cannabis industry and with more states poised to legalize it, the industry is soaring to new heights.

This growth opens the door to a high demand for HR professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset, can creative problem solve, and provide needed strategic planning.

In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with Jacques Santucci, President of Opus Consulting, the current state of the cannabis industry, cannabis HR challenges, company culture myths and truths, and why HR leaders should consider this a professional opportunity of a lifetime.

About The Guest:

Jacques Santucci is the President of Opus Consulting, a business performance management firm specializing in the cannabis industry as well as the entertainment, tourism, financial services, and technology industries.

Opus Consulting specializes in Business Strategy, Business Advisory, and Corporate Renewal, improving business performance at the intersection of finance, strategy & operations. His focus is on setting up the corporate strategy and structure, operations and administration, and turnaround of businesses as well as creating strong relationships with financing partners, with a cross-functional approach to innovation and performance.

Since 2011, the firm has developed expertise in the legal cannabis industry. His team assists clients around the country navigate the complex and evolving challenges of starting, operating, and improving a cannabis business. Santucci has spearheaded cannabis companies in several states including Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Hawaii, and Maine among others.

He has been approved as a receiver for cannabis operations in the State of Massachusetts where he is leading one of the first cases of receivership in the cannabis industry. Prior to founding Opus Consulting and his current ventures, he began his career at Ernst & Young followed by Universal Pictures in Paris, France. Since moving to the USA in 1999, Jacques has held several executive positions and engaged in an array of consulting assignments and business ventures. Over the past few years, he has been instrumental in bringing alive a number of business startups and engineering corporate turnarounds.

Jacques co-founded Wellness Connection of Maine, the state’s largest group of marijuana dispensaries, and a leader on the East Coast market, operating four state-licensed dispensaries and one growing and manufacturing facility, since 2011. He is also the founder of Stage Cannabis, a music-themed retail store. His role as co-founder focused particularly on strategy, setting up operations, compliance, and administration, overseeing the construction of facilities and systems as well as creating strong relationships with financing partners and major vendors.

Jacques is the founder of Strimo, a software company focused on empowering serious cannabis operators to manage business performance by offering best-in-class proven tools to improve data collection, streamline efficiencies, and manage growth and performance. Strimo is a secure cloud-based solution, that integrates cultivation, manufacturing, accounting, and dispensary management on one platform.