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Humza Khan – First Five Steps for DE&I

Saturday, October 2, 2021 @ 10am

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Show Topic:
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Three words that are easy to say (and write), but harder to achieve. Many organizations have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program, but find that the program is not achieving results.

Looking at the program and determining whether the organization has focused on the fundamentals and the foundation of the program is key to a DEI program’s success. In this episode of HR Power Hour, join host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Humza Khan, the Owner of Inclusion Maine, as they discuss the first five steps any organization should take in creating a DE&I program.

By focusing on the foundation, organizations are more likely to build a program that achieves the goals that sought and create a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

About The Guest:

Muhammad Humza Khan is a first-generation Muslim American, originally born in Pakistan and lives in Maine. He works as an HR Director for a non-profit and is the founder of Inclusion Maine, which supports organizations in their DEI efforts and leads initiatives to further inclusion in Maine.

Humza brings Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion together to create cultures that make employees feel like they can belong, empowers people, broaden their perspectives, and create transformational cultural change for organizations.