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Data Breaches and Identity Theft

Saturday, November 7, 2015 @10am

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Our Guest:

Jane Carpenter

Jane Carpenter
Maine Identity Services

Data Breaches & Identity Theft –

Maine Identity Services, LLC has been formed to assist Maine victims of identity theft and to provide identity theft response training and information for Maine’s municipal, county and state police organizations.  We provide information about identity theft to the public through our website, Facebook page and by speaking to groups throughout the state.

We are unlike other identity theft assistance companies in two ways:

  • Our company is located here in Maine, and
  • We only assist Maine residents AFTER  they learn that they have become a victim.  We don’t sell a monitoring service that charges you every month, whether you’ve been a victim or not.  For this reason, our prices are far lower than monthly monitoring services.

We are a member of the Maine Fraud Prevention Alliance and an advocate of its “DASH Fraud” program, whose mission is to be a leader in fraud prevention through increased awareness of the various ways fraud is attempted, particularly financial fraud.

Maine Identity Services is a supporter of the Federal Trade Commission’s Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week and the FTC’s ongoing efforts to provide public information about tax related identity fraud.  We are a 10th Anniversary Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and a 2014 Champion of the National Cyber Security Alliance’s Data Privacy Day, reminding Mainers to stay safe online and to STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

Our founder, Jane Carpenter, brings many years of experience in this area, having worked in the Maine Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, where she assisted hundreds of Maine identity theft victims.

While with the Attorney General’s Office she acquired an expertise in identity theft. She was an instructor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s identity theft workshop and wrote the original identity theft chapter for the Attorney General’s Consumer Law Guide.

She is responsible for initiating proposals for two laws that currently assist Maine identity theft victims, is a popular speaker on the subject and frequently responds to questions about identity theft from members of Maine’s police organizations.

For more information, please contact us toll free at 1-855-4 ME ID HELP (1-855-463-4343) or by sending us an e-mail at