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Competing in Today’s Business Environment

Saturday, May 5, 2018 @10am

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Gary Epler, MD, CEO
Epler Health Inc.

Competing in Today’s Business Environment –

Dr. Gary Epler is an internationally known Harvard Medical School professor and thought leader in health, fitness, nutrition and people-centered leadership. He is an award-winning author and has impacted the lives of people throughout the world through his speaking engagements, books, and teaching. He has been called upon by individuals from around the globe who have a rare lung disease called BOOP that he discovered. Dr. Epler is a successful entrepreneur. He has been founder and CEO of three companies that include a biotech company, a nutraceutical company, and the current medical risk consulting company. He is a sought-after speaker, addressing audiences about health, fitness, nutrition, and leadership.

Dr. Epler believes personalized health empowers people. Dr. Epler has written four health books in the critically acclaimed “You’re the Boss” series about people taking charge of their health including Manage Your Disease, BOOP, Asthma, and Food. He is currently completing an American Lifestyle book about health, fitness and entrepreneurship.

Five Components of Well-Being:

Happiness: Feeling good, optimistic, and being happy is an integral part of a successful, fulfilling life. Set up your day to attain as much happiness as possible.

Engaged in life: This means experiencing the current moment. It means knowing what you are doing, what you want, and where you’re going. And, not buried in texting.

Meaning in life: Do something that’s bigger than yourself. Help a person or support a business or the community without receiving anything in return.

Accomplishments: Set your life up so that you achieve continuous accomplishments. These can be small daily accomplishments or long-term big accomplishments. Savor the time and feeling when you’ve accomplished a task.

Positive social interaction: Talk to people in a positive way so that your comments cause a positive feeling in the person you are talking to. This can be a self-renewing trait as you will receive positive feelings in return that will last the day.

Ten Health Practices:

Love life: Life is to be enjoyed. Look forward to the day and anticipate a great day. You’re going to have positive things happen throughout the day and night. Cherish and enjoy them.

Nutrition: Eat healthy foods that will not harm you – no added sugar, no added salt and a healthy omega-6/omega-3 ratio.

Sleep: Obtain eight hours every night to restore the adenosine energy chemical and obtain sufficient REM sleep.

Exercise: One hour of continuous exercise every day for energy and stress relief. And you may meet your spouse.

Learn something new: This will provide a huge boost of energy and sense of accomplishment. Learn something unrelated to your work – the further away from your familiar interests, the better.

Alpha-brainwave meditation time: This is daydreaming. The benefits include feeling good; decreasing stress; balancing brain realms that include the prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, hippocampus and amygdala; and increasing longevity of the telomeres at the end of the chromosomes for longer cell life.

Compassion: Self-esteem will let you down, but compassion for yourself will always help. Have compassion for others. It’ll make you feel good.

Gratitude: Be grateful for what we have. This grounds us and prevents us from thinking too much about ourselves and from feeling entitled.

Self-healing: Using the power of our mind can result in the healing of injuries and illness from simple bumps to complex dysfunctional disease. You can learn self-healing.

Be your true self: Once you totally become your true self, you will have an immense feeling of freedom. This includes freedom from criticism, from insult, from disappointment, and from failure. You will no longer use blame, excuses, criticism, or complaints.