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Alison Hunter – A Guide that Honestly Evaluates HR Software.

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Show Topic:

With over 117 different categories of HR Tech software and countless numbers of vendors worldwide offering HR Tech solutions, imagine how much time it would take to do the research for your specific need.

We found a better solution and it is FREE and trusted by over 3 million HR and TA professionals. In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses A Guide that Honestly Evaluates HR Software with

HR Tech Editor, Alison Hunter. This platform does all the work for you and provides a vetted shortlist of vendors, pricing guidelines, tips to make budget, and everything else you need when buying HR software.

About The Guest:

With 10+ years in Human Resources and many more as a professional writer, Alison brings an authoritative editorial voice, first-hand industry knowledge, and a people-first perspective to the team.

Alison entered the field of HR/ People Ops in the early 2000s. Following the innovative spirit of SF Bay Area tech, she established herself professionally at the intersection of people, process, and culture.

She has held pivotal Human Resources positions overseeing every aspect of the employee experience. Her experience includes recruiting, interviewing, hiring, employee relations, employee development, DEI, compensation and performance, learning and development, management training, compliance and policy management, payroll and benefits, and more.

In keeping with her Bay Area native status and unconventional social science/biology/sculpture education, her CV includes robot builder and professional wedding officiant. She’s a writer by birth and a techie by osmosis.

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