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Saturday, May 1, 2021 @ 10am

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Amy VanHanen

Show Topic:

Ripped from the April 8, 2021 Headlines of the Bangor Daily News: “Readfield Woman says company rescinded job offer after she sought breastfeeding accommodation”.

Would you like that story to be about your organization?
Did you know that there is an organization that can help employers nationwide with family-friend benefits, tools and an app that can minimize the risk, foster employee engagement, and improve your bottom line?

Join CMA’s host David Ciullo as he speaks with CEO and Founder Amy VanHaren of Pumpspotting discuss How to Accommodate Breastfeeding in the Workplace: One Maine tech startup is helping employers with family-friendly benefits.

About The Guest:

Amy Vanhanen is an entrepreneur, mother, writer, speaker two-time breastfeeder, and founder of Pumpspotting.
Amy has built communities and led creative digital storytelling and marketing for over 20 years. She experienced deep isolation while trying to navigate working and breastfeeding and saw a better way to unite and empower all the nursing and pumping women of the world so she went on to create Pumpspotting.

She’s pitched on a moving escalator on Apple’s reality show Planet of the Apps, named a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur, and awarded as a high-impact startup by MassChallenge.

Amy never imagined that her passion to nourish her own family would lead her to nourish others and take her 25,000 miles cross country on a 40-foot RV called the Breast Express. But now, as passionate as ever, she’s out to help millions more women reach their breastfeeding goals.

Say hello, Amy loves to send handwritten notes and to hear from moms.

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