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Matt Bahl – Financial Health and Wellbeing


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Show Topic:
This week on HR Power Hour. Financial health and well-being is at the top of employees’ minds.

Research shows that lack of financial stability can lead to adverse health consequences for your employees, both mental and physical.

On this episode of HR Power Hour, join co-host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Matt Bahl, Vice President and Head of Workplace Financial Health at the Financial Health Network about the importance of a livable wage and why employers should invest in supporting employee financial health.

During the course of the episode we will discuss current Human Capital Management rules, the importance financial management plays in DEI and ESG measures, and concreate steps that employers can take to collect and analyze data to understand impediments to helping employees achieve financial stability.

About The Guest:

Matt Bahl is Vice President and Head of Workplace Financial Health. In this role, Matt leads market development and workplace strategy efforts across the organization. Matt is deeply committed to the goal of helping improve financial health for all and believes work and the workplace play a key role in making that goal a reality.

With over 15 years of financial services, consulting, legal, and human resources experience, Matt understands the impact that works and the workplace can have on improving workers’ financial health. Previously, Matt led workplace financial wellness consulting teams at Prudential Financial where he helped organizations design financial wellness programs with a focus on measuring the impact of those programs on workers financial health.

Prior to that Matt was a Vice President of Human Resources for one of the largest healthcare systems in Northern New England. Matt began his career as a labor and employment attorney, focusing on collective bargaining and ADA, FMLA, ERISA, and Title VII counseling and litigation. Matt is a cum laude graduate of the SMU Dedman School of law and a Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude graduate of Colorado College with a BA degree in Sociology.

Matt lives in Maine with his wife Maggie, and three boys, and enjoys reading, running, and enjoying the natural wonders of Maine with his family.

Andrew Bartlow


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Show Topic:

2020 -2022 has been described as the Golden Years for the Human Resources.


C-Suite and Owners have relied on HR to guide them thru the pandemic and now thru the Great Resignation. So how does a HR Professional capitalize and have a career path to CEO, Executive Director or Business owner?


On this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with Andrew Bartlow, Founder of People Leader Accelerator, How HR Leaders can Scale to Success.


In a freewheeling, frank, and open discussion Andrew and David look at HR trends in 2022 as well as what it will take for HR to make it to the top.

About The Guest:

Andrew Bartlowhas 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Management experience at organizations across a wide spectrum of sizes, maturity stages, and industries.


He is the co-author of “Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations,” has a master’s degree from the top program in his field, and has been CECP, SPHR, Six Sigma, and executive coaching certified.


Andrew leads Series B Consulting, which helps businesses to articulate their people strategy and accelerate their growth while navigating rapid change. He also founded the People Leader Accelerator, which is the preeminent development program for startup HR leaders.


He’s worked with clients like Masterclass and many others to help them overcome obstacles in a hyper-growth phase. For the first time ever, he wants to share his lessons on podcasts.

Emily Waddell – Supreme Leak: Employment Lessons Learned


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Show Topic:

While the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has led to significant media buzz concerning the Supreme Court’s role as law interpreter, the division of rights under state and federal law, as well as social activism generally, the draft ruling also reminds HR Professionals about some important policies and practices.

What are those policies and practices you may ask? In this episode of HR Power Hour, join co-host Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Labor and Employment Attorney Emily Waddell of Verrill concerning the importance of confidentiality agreements at work, how the National Labor Relations Act can effect an organization seeking to restrict employee discussion about social justice matters, as well as revisiting the protections afforded to employees who talk at work about their religious beliefs (which may or may not be directly tied to social justice issues).

Join us on the next episode of HR Power Hour as we discuss each of these important factors as they relate to the leak of the draft opinion relating to the proposed overturning of Roe v. Wade.

About The Guest:

Emily provides tailored legal solutions to support her client’s human capital and organizational objectives.

As a member of Verrill’s Employment & Labor Group, Emily uses her legal and business background to understand and solve complex employer and employee issues in the workplace. With her on-the-ground experience in labor arbitration, mediation, collective bargaining negotiations, and contract administration, Emily understands the importance of reliable legal support in high-pressure situations.

Debra Weiss Ford – Romance in the Workplace


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Show Topic:

We spend over 90,000 hours during our lifetime working so it is no surprise that 1/3 of U.S workers say they have been or are in a workplace romance.

We are of course dealing with primal human behavior. In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with employment attorney Debra Weiss Ford at Jackson Lewis P.C. Romance in the Workplace.

We discuss the legal issues dealing with consensual and nonconsensual relationships and why employers need have policies and processes in place to ensure respect in the workplace is a top priority.

About The Guest:

Debra Weiss Ford is office managing principal and litigation manager of the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. She has more than 35 years of experience representing employers in litigation matters before the state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

Debra also represents employers before the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights, the Maine Human Rights Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New Hampshire Department of Labor, and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Debra trains frequently in New England on issues related to employment law, including discrimination, wrongful discharge, reductions in force, termination issues, wage and hour issues, proper documentation, leaves of absence, and Title IX compliance. She regularly advises clients on employment-related matters.

Debra was a member of the New Hampshire Board of Bar Examiners from 1993 to 2005. She was appointed by the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire to serve on the Merit Selection Panel to consider the reappointment of the incumbent magistrate. In 2003, she was appointed to serve on the Federal Court Advisory Committee. She is an approved federal and state mediator.