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Social Capital and Conventions

Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 2-3pm

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Martin Snyder,
Main Sequence Technology

Recruitment Trends –

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Mr. Snyder has been President of Main Sequence Technology since 1998. Main Sequence is the vendor of PCRecruiter, one of the most widely used recruitment database platforms for third-party, direct hire, and non-profit organizations around the world and across business models.

Founded in 1998, Main Sequence Technology, Inc. provides talent acquisition solutions wherever and however teams are built. PCRecruiter, our flagship solution, has been selected over 2,700 times by a diverse array of corporations, staffing firms, third-party recruitment firms, educational institutions, and other types of organizations. The company is a closely held, private Ohio corporation. ThereĀ are four shareholders, each active in the management and operation of the company, and approximately 40 employees.


Bud Bernstein

The Publishers

Bud is the CEO of a Portland, Maine company that produces the Maine HR Convention, the Maine Workers’ Compensation Summit, and the Strategic HR New England retreat. An attorney and writer by training, he has turned his focus in recent years to creating unique conferences and alliances that promote the role of human resources.

His motto is, “Everyone thrives when HR is on top of its game, because HR is the bridge to all parts of an enterprise.”



Heather Bassett

Northern New England Law Publishers

Heather manages marketing and PR at Northern New England Law Publishers – producers of the Maine HR Convention, the Maine Workers’ Compensation Summit, Strategic HR New England Retreat, and the Maine Employer’s Handbook.

Heather’s experience includes over twelve years in the field of human resources and recruiting. She earned her BS in Allied Health and Medical with a minor in Anthropology and Sociology at Johnson State College in Vermont.

When Heather is not organizing conferences for the HR community in New England, she can be found snowboarding on the slopes of Sugarloaf, playing with her toddler Carra Bassett, running with her Border Collie, and having fun with her family.

2013 Maine HR Convention