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ACA Update

Saturday, November 14, 2015 @10am

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Our Guest:

Deschaine, Mike2(1)

Michael Deschaine

Cross Insurance

ACA Update –

At Cross Insurance, a focused product-line which includes a wide array of insurance products and choices, and a commitment to personal service have helped the agency grow into northern New England’s largest independent insurance provider.

Cross insurance, a family owned insurance agency founded in 1954 by Woodrow Cross, now operates more than thirty offices across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Our company has a proud tradition of serving clients, both large and small, with the honesty, fairness, and diligence they deserve.
While known for more than fifty years as a leader in home, auto, and business insurance, Cross Insurance also offers our clients the expertise of a successful bond and employee benefits department. “In many cases, people and businesses would like to find their insurance all in one place,” says CEO of Cross Insurance, Royce Cross. With a vast pool of talented insurance professionals, Cross clients can draw from individuals with the wide range of skills necessary to serve all their needs.
Using our agency’s bonding department, contractors of all sizes can turn to a knowledgeable and professional staff with decades of experience. This experience has enabled Cross Insurance Agents to come to the aid of small residential contractors who have been hit hard in the recent economic downturn. “Through bonding, we have been able to get homebuilders into commercial construction, and help them stay in business,” says Royce Cross.
Customer service, no matter how routine or complex is always Cross Insurance employees’ top priority. Agents are able to offer their clients the best rates because of our agency’s long relationship with a wide array of contracted insurers.
Cross Insurance has grown extensively through the acquisition of small agencies around New England.  Royce Cross says that the agency offers an attractive alternative to many large corporations that are in the business of incorporating smaller agencies into their portfolio. “When an agency is looking to us as a buyer, they’re talking to someone who runs a family-owned business that is exclusively insurance,” says Cross.
In addition to being committed to our customers and employees, Cross Insurance is proud to be actively involved in many local civic, religious and non-profit organizations within their branch communities.
The company’s motto, Where Security meets Strength, is more than a slogan for Cross Insurance; it is a commitment to the values set deep in the company since its inception.